Thursday, September 11, 2014

2 wrongs = 0 rights

Back in middle school I would bring a peanut butter (Skippy) and butter sandwich on white bread, a Ring Ding (chocolate cake filled w/cream, dipped in chocolate then wrapped in foil) and Fritos Corn Chips. 

There was also Mr. Parker, the vice principal in charge of disciplinary in the lunch room. 

Tom Volpe sat across from me in lunch. He tantalized me and my Ring Ding, to the point that the Ring Ding ended up in Tom's face. Cream and everything. To my defense.....I did warn him. 

Tom's continued play despite my warning him to stop, less the Ring Ding end up on him did not constitute my losing my Ring Ding. At least according to Mr. Parker. 

Tom's face and hair were evident of my actions and Mr. Parker did at least hear my case of Tom's tantalizing, but stated: "two wrongs do not make a right" and with that punished me to the front of the lunchroom where I stood against the stage (the stage/auditorium served as one) in punishment and shame.

The lesson of two wrongs do not make a right has stuck with me. 

This one is newer for me. 

A person does "wrong" and we all judge that person and want to persecute them....yet we have done "wrong" too. What right do we have to persecute? (John 8)

This is all in response to LeSean MCoy's 00.20 tip that made the news. 

Not that I or anyone should:
a) judge Sean as I am sure we have all left inappropriate tips 
b) two wrongs do not make a right

Again....I see nothing wrong in God's word. It is pure. 

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