Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lorenzo's Pizza 3rd & South Street

Justin - - homeless on South St two doors up from Lorenzo's Pizza. Eating a slice of Lorenzo's that is the biggest slice of pizza I have ever seen in my life and I've seen (and eaten) my share of pie.

He has a 12 year old brother living with some girl; she's taken care of Justin's brother....he wants to get off the street. He doesn't like it.

He's from Ocean City Maryland and worked for an engineer firm. He got laid off and within 10 days of the lay-off  was in an accident which put him in a coma for 60 days.

Chris approached and  hung out. Chris was homeless too. Chris doesn't understand why people treat homeless people like sh*t, I said it's not just the homeless we treat that way. Justin offered Chris some bites of his pizza. Justin's parents were in Cali. Not sure how that works, didn't ask.  Justin was going to figure out how to get his unemployment. It's hard to get unemployment when your in a coma.

There were no smiles, no laughs, just sharing.

The Justin's are everywhere, and if they have it to share, share they do.

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