Tuesday, September 09, 2014

bonnaroo vs.Christian camp - TIME WINS!

There is no doubt that time trumps everything in value. 

In a world where you can buy anything you want, should you have the means. The one thing no one can buy is time. 

And what do we do with said time?

Nobody ever says I was "just wasting money", but we frequently say, "I'm just wasting time" or, "I'm killing time"....and yet....the value of time is priceless. Truly priceless. 

What if we looked at the value of minutes the same way we looked at the value of say a $1,000.00 dollars? A hundred dollars a minute! What would you then do with those minutes?

I want more time. I want to bask in it, just bathe in it. 

When I attend music festivals or the Christian camp I go to,what I love most is the time stamp everyone puts on those few days. And they do that by their appreciation for one another. 

A nod of acknowledgement from our fellow human being......a smile, a hello. 
These gestures are encouraging....and yet.....when others do not do as we have done.....

Break the ice! Tear down the walls and maintain the gestures of love. The nods, the smiles- and hello's!

Who wins? Love wins. 

and when love wins.....we all win. 

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