Thursday, January 29, 2009

shout it from the mountain tops

from Cali to the Grand Canyon and onto Wyoming, Toronto, The Caribbean....where I've been, but where I haven't been as well.

I have witnessed the stars from a jungle without light pollution and stood amongst the giant redwoods. I have seen the ocean CRASH into rocks on the shore as the sun sets. I have stood atop an 11,000' mountain amongst snow 15' deep!

I have hiked into the Grand Canyon and amongst the Red Rocks of Sedona. I have seen six different grizzly bears! Startled a rattlesnake and walked amongst the buffalo.....


what can i have or do on this earth that makes ANY difference at all except influence others for the greater good of God?

I will continue to venture the earth

I will continue to proclaim the name of Christ....Jesus the Messiah!

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