Friday, January 16, 2009


The trees have been naked for months. The air is as cold as it gets. The sky is clear and the wind has the clouds racing through the sky.


Life goes on...

The bible says our life is, but a mist in time.

We trudge on...working---FOR WHAT?

to pay the bills!?

go the bills....BUT remember the truth and what is important in life.

P E O P L E--- L I F E

REMEMBER TO SPEAK THE TRUTH WHENEVER POSSIBLE. If a crack should appear to allow you to tell others of the not hesitate or stop. PROCLAIM the truth!

Time is short as the cold steals your breath.

wintertime is in it's prime.

sing with me. sing the songs of life. lift your voice. lift it loud, above the clouds

i feel like i repeat myself here on this blog.

live the life He has promised you..step out of the shadows and live

the breath the winter wind steals is life...if you seek the truth.



(then you will find)

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