Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post Inaugural

I got home Fri after seven solid days of work, work, work only really interrupted by Donovan's funeral when he gave up with 9 seconds left....a note on that---LEADERS DON'T GIVE UP--NOT EVER!

While in DC, I met two "celebrities" if you will. David Cohen & Catherine Keener (40 Year Old Virgin).
I recognized Mr. Cohen and rang him up. It was on Sunday before the Eagles game ( I was wearing my Dawkins jersey). I could not remember what he does and just knew it was political and maybe something with the Sixers.
Oh! If only I had remembered!!! David Cohen is the Executive VP of Comcast....THE Comcast!
Oh, how I would have loved to tell him how I think his company is ripping off the people of this country. I don't have too many issues w/to many companies in this world, but Comcast TOPS the list for overcharging and ripping people off. Any company that takes a run @ owning Disney and actually has the surplus money to so....that company has to much money and where do they get the money from????
Where I live I have, but one choice in the entire world for broadband service---Comcast.
that is a monopoly!
Comcast just completed building the tallest building east of Chicago and the greenest building in the world. Again....our money!
So Mr. Cohen....all I can say it was a pleasure to meet you and you have a nice handshake. Next time I will be ready for you!
As to Catherine.....I was too busy to really invest the time, but she looked just like in the movies.

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