Monday, January 12, 2009

the dream of a lifetime...

By default (where I was born) I am a DIE-HARD Philadelphia Eagles fan. In my book there has never been any such thing as a band wagon to jump on or off.

My parents determined I needed glasses when I could not see the players # from the 700 level @ the Vet back in '74 when Roman Gabriel was the QB.

Somewhere around 1978 my father and uncle got six season tickets in section 634. I attended the 1980 NFC Championship game which we won against the Cowboys. My dad and Uncle went to that Superbowl, which we lost to the Raiders. We held onto those tickets for 16 years, through Marion Campbell, Buddy Ryan and the last year of Rich Kotite. When Ray Rhodes came into the picture my dad gave up the seats and my brother and I did one year of Ray and then by default not being born ultra financialy wealthy we gave up our seats. I have only attended one NFL game @ the Linc and that was a pre-season game. I have only ever owned one jersey and that is Jerome Brown's.

When Jeff Lurie purchased the team you could feel the electricity of this new owner and he did not disappoint.
In eight years we have been to the NFC Championship game FIVE TIMES!

A long time ago I gave up "living" for my team....sure I love 'em, but I don't live and die with games. I have often said....I just want one Superbowl victory in my lifetime.

Sports Illustrated picked the Eagles to be in the Superbowl this year. We still have the NFC game to go....I am not getting ahead of myself; trust me.

Kurt Warner has won the big game, as has Ben & Joe Flacco is an admirable opponent.

We have the "Brians" and Donovan as well as an arsenal of receivers.

Go ahead Steelers and Ravens---beat yourselves silly.

Look out Cards, here we come.....and this time it's FOR REAL!

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