Sunday, January 25, 2009

e - a - g - l - e - s

Dear Donovan,

It has been almost a week since we lost the NFC Championship game to the Cards led by Kurt Warner. I am sorry I have not written you sooner.

I was excited to see what you and offense would do with a FULL 9 seconds left in the game and being down by 7.

So I guess by all indicators in the play that was ran you didn't feel you had a chance to tie or win with a two-point conversion. see team leaders lead and never give up. That last play was an indicator of where your head was at.

I am a fighter and fighters fight. Not always physically, but mentally and by example. Imagine the thrill of airing the ball out with those seconds ticking away and Jackson running down the field arms out stretched hot dogging it all the way! Then imagine getting a second chance if needed with 1-2 seconds on the clock and airing it out again?!

Effort Donovan, effort!

But, alas. We threw a simple pass for short yardage and then players "tried" to keep it alive and run the remaining 90 or so yards for a touchdown.

Good call Donovan....I am not sure where your head is at, but I certainly know where it isn't.


Tate a die-hard EAGLES fan

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