Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new president

i am working like i have never worked before in my life. i arrived in dc on fri afternoon and have worked 12-15 hour days since my arrival. i am overseeing 7 dc metro area stores that are all selling OBAMA.

We broke a company sales record on Sat and then again today, monday. we are in crisis mode.
staff is working on mental and physical overdrive.

life IS good---eternal life is better.

what matters time and time again are people.

people are the lifeblood of the world.
if the world had no people, we would have no life no matter what nasa says.

animals and plants are life, but not life like we live. animals do not have free will...we do.

i have never experienced anything as chaotic as this in my life and frankly I cannot see something of this magnitude happening again, in my lifetime.
sports championships do not compare.

even with the amount of $ my stores are capturing and the electricity of each day i know in my heart of hearts that i live for a better day. i live for the day of His return. the return of the King. the King whom everyone knows, and that many refuse....if only the world would embrace Christ the way they embrace Obama....then we would have real change.

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