Friday, November 18, 2005

I made a list

albeit a short list I made one nonetheless.
Best Musical Groups Able to Make Recorded Music
this list is inspired by my youngest asking me this very question
1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
I get somewhat confused after this....U2 and Led Zeppelin come in somewhere in the top seven(geez I hate to commit). I also believe Radiohead is in my top seven, BUT I am still not as familiar with their music as I wish I was. Also in my top ten and possibly even lower...I am out on a limb with this one....Devotchka, innovative and intriguing. Not something you hear very often. Energetic and passionate. One thing for good as the Stones are....they are not in my top ten. I think I am going to commit...hold onto something...k??

1. Beatles
2. Pink Floyd
3. U2
phew....that wasn't as hard as I thought.

Devotchka's web addy this band puts on one heck of a live performance. Every single time I listen to their music I think to myself....amazing. now for my fellow believer in Christ....Third Day is amazing. Think passion.
Till Monday....later!

1 comment:

adam said...

solid list.

I go:

Pink Floyd

right now.

I'm still iffy on where I put Terrance Trent-Darby. heh heh. just kiding.