Sunday, November 13, 2005

Movie Review #2

Movie Title- North Country
Cinematography- B
Music- C
Quality of Acting- B+
Plot Line- B+

The Amazing Adam whose blog link is over there >>>>> recently asked who were the two sexiest men/women alive, Charlize should rank up there. She is a very pretty woman.
Now onto the movie...
Given the wintry locale for the movie I thought certain scences were well shot with the typical natural beauty of the land shining thru albeit not very often. The mine was a dark/stark location and the homes were typical of the incomes and realistic to the characters.
The acting from Sissy Spacechick was good and Woody Harrelson did an excellent job and I thought Charlize's character, at times, lacked character. Oh, and the girl who played the cop in Fargo played a role as well and she did a good she forevermore type cast into a MN/ND role now or what???? Loved the accents!! Not as strong as in Fargo due to the seriousness of the movie but still fun.
I thought the story line/plot was a good story and told well. The movie hit on many different emotions for me but it never fully expectations were about average going into the movie since I went with my dad and let him pick the flick.
The music score was below average and featured a lot of Dylan (that's not why I didn't like the music).
I would suggest a definite rental and hit the theatre if you like any of the actors/actresses or the storyline. Lastly...this is a story that not only needed to get told but a great representative of discrimination and it's subtleties.
I give the movie an overall rating of a B but not a very high B.
Theatre Review- Ritz 16 Voorhees. This is by far and away my favorite place to see a movie. The cashier was fun and friendly as was the ticket taker. The theatre was packed and the atmosphere was still not in your face. Pricing on a large popcorn and water was 6.00 with the tickets being 18.00. Total cost 24.00...a good value, all in all. I especially enjoyed the time with my dad. Look for my review of Pride and Prejudice coming out as soon as I take the Beautiful One to see it!

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