Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Life Lesson #1

My father, always taught me that if I really wanted to; I could jump to the moon. It took me several years to understand what he meant....I would look at the sky and try to figure out what he meant...because I did want to jump to the moon...but I can't, physically I just can't. But after pondering this in my spare time as a youngster I came to this conclusion: If I got a really bouncy trampoline, a space suit and a parachute I could jump to the moon. My father taught me how to think positive and how to see nothing as impossible. It is a great lesson.
Recently at the ripe age of 42 years old I started to play the guitar...it's fairly hard but I enjoy it. Some songs I desire to play have some finger configurations for chords that are literally impossible.
As my eldest son was home for the big turkey day he sat, getting his haircut and had but no choice to hear his dad struggle to play what I would call songs on the guitar. I came to a point where in learning this one Beatles song where I could NOT get my fingers, no matter how hard I tried to get in the right spots for the chords...I uttered those words that I had taught my children never to say....."I can't get this chord" to which my son, Sean Patrick replied without missing a step as I have replied to him countless times....your right, you can't.
Like my father teaching me....I have taught my son...you can and you can jump to the moon, but only if you want to.


Matt Jag said...

That is a life lesson.. I will take you advice on the job on persistency... Hopefully i will get the jobs that i want. Also keep at those chords.. Your moving pretty quickly considering we've been only playing the guitar for like 2 months.. and we know alot of songs.. you know more songs then i do so i look up to you..

Anonymous said...

Take the word hopefully out of the equation....what are you left with?
If you can answer that question then you will get what you want.
Take this for what its worth...I too, look up to you.

adam said...

You both are a lot better than I was at three months into the game. I look up to both of y'all.

Y'know, there's a lot of looking up gonig on.