Sunday, November 13, 2005

the fam returns...

so in about 30 minutes my fam will be pulling up fresh from tennessee...i can't wait to see them. i have missed them so much. i have not seen them for 10 days...we passed each other while i was in gatlinburg and they were in knoxville but logistics did not work out. there is nothing more important then people. go ahead get all of the material things you want...people matter. (hopefully this link will last for a's about what pat robertson said)
i was really upset by pat robertson this week...he was speaking on God's behalf. i wish he wouldn't do that, nobody should. the headline said that God would snub York Pa if they have a natural disaster because they voted in evolution people to the school board. to the people of York, PA i tell you God loves, tomorrow and forever. man does not decide what God will do. i have a rough two weeks of work coming up...i am praying for a lot of people...i am glad i have devoted my life to Him. i rest ez and do not worry about what tomorrow brings. and to mr robertson i say...i love you, forgive me for being angry with you.
i will be working on turning the other cheek this week...mark gave a great bible class on the Jesus i never knew today...lot's of it struck home and now i wait for my family to come home. i miss aubrey and dawn too...i love the church family 'cause it is just family. family with a common denominator...Jesus.

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