Thursday, November 24, 2005

Movie Review #3

Movie Title- Pride and Prejudice
Cinematography- B+
Music- A
Quality of Acting- A
Plot Line- B+
Could not find the web addy...sorry

Well if you don't know the story you will eventually be exposed to it. It was a good movie a bit hard to decipher at times but well done. The piano music used through-out the flick was excellent. This is a date movie or a movie that groups of women go see. When it was over I heard several female groups doing comparisons of this version to the countless other versions out there. I though this was the best version I have seen given the quality of acting and cinematography/music. I noticed many of the women attending the show would give a chuckle at certain times because of something a character said/did and I accounted that to their familiarity with the character. It wasn't a movie I woke up thinking about but it was a romantic. movie. It had a bit of a mysterious twist but with those familiar with the plot, it will be hard to keep them in suspense.

Filmed in England the scenery was beautiful and at times the movie showed some incredible trees. I saw no less then four awesome trees, seriously...
I give the movie an overall rating of a B.
Theatre Review- Ritz 16 Voorhees. Wednesdays at the Ritz tickets are discounted so I was happy. 13.50 for tickets and 8.75 for a large popcorn, a raspberry lemon drink and a Hagen Dazs bar. Total spent 22.25...a bargain!
We got to see Tony Jr. as he bought his tix ( different movie) and that is always a treat. I recommend this movie to date goers or to anyone who loves the whole pride and prejudice story line. The Beautiful One enjoyed the movie.