Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Movie Review #1

Movie Title- The Gospel
Cinematography- C
Music- B
Quality of Acting- B+ (overall)
Plot Line- B+


I thought the use of the parable for the plot was priceless. This was a low budget film or if it wasn't someone should hold the person who took the most money accountable. We had a group of black women sitting behind us whom we interacted with a little during the movie...their presence and comments during the movie were worth the admission price. The music was good and I liked how it used music as a catalyst for the entire movie. My wife enjoyed it as well but maybe not as much as me. I would recommend this movie to anyone both Christian and non in the hopes that their faith would be built up.
Movie theatre rating---we went to Loews in Cherry Hill and even though I have a reputation as being a little tough on other customer service givers the individual, Marshall, who sold us our tickets was seriously lost in the world. This guy was more miserable then any recent contact in customer service as far back as I can remember. I seriously would like to get him some cookies or something...this guy needs some love. The ticket takers demeanor made up for Marshall's low self-esteem and the guy at the refreshment counter had a great attitude and an unbelievable look....frizzed out beard, wild hair and an attitude to match. He also upsold me from the small soda to the medium for just 25 cents more... I almost forgot to mention that the popcorn was burnt and I don't like putting my own butter and salt on the popcorn because I can't get to the popcorn on the bottom.
Total Spent- just under 30.00....hard for me to say that expense was worth it but I enjoyed the time witht the beautiful one, the movie was good and I knew it would cost me about that.
Pray for Marshall.


adam said...

hmmm...I still need to see this film. I still think I will, even though I am not sure what to make of it now.

Rell said...

I can't see it -- I don't something about Boris as a prodical son just doesn't do it for me.