Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When you name something...or someone it is important. It looks like a small group of people (myself included) are going to name themselves. We are a band. We do it for fun....and it has blossomed.
I named my 1st child...Sean; it's a bit of a long story, but let's just say he shares his birthday with John & Sean Lennon and John Lennon wrote a song for his son called "Beautiful Boy".
I gave my favorite daughter her middle name...Alison after a song by the same name.
And our final child was given a letter as his middle name....legally my wife changed the letter to a name and hid it from me, much to my angst, but to me, he will always be; Taylor "J".

I have named many groups of people that have been formed to change the thinking and passions of men and now...with great glee we are on the verge of naming a band.

In some ways it has importance and in others it doesn't.

It will be a collective decision; if and when we get to that point and my choice is as simple as it gets--- House Band

May you all have ,or be included in a house band and if we ever perform around or near you, you are a part of us...House Band,

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