Saturday, December 06, 2008

love and the triple mocha

A triple café mocha cappuccino once every three days can add up to $400 a year.
It all adds up to hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars each year.

This giant redwood tree survived hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years by simply using basic things that God has provided. Sunlight, water and soil.
This tree has never, ever purchased a triple cafe mocha cappuccino or even my favorite the carmel macchiattio. God gives you and the tree what you need to survive.
What is it that you need to live on this earth.....maybe a bit more then the tree, some clothes to keep you warm?
When you see other trees as magnificent as this opps I mean, when you see other people as beautiful as God, since He made them in His image....reachout to them.
I don't think the tree ever needed love, but I do, and He loves me and I love you, all of you.

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