Friday, December 12, 2008

I know Neil Young

I feel like I know Neil Young. I think he is an amazing songwriter and he is playing @ the original Spectrum tonite with another fine band, Wilco. I have known about this show for months and have been trying to get an ebay deal for a tix for a while. I have not been able to get one. I could still buy one in the 70+ range, it's just a lot of money and I don't know why I won't pull the trigger, but I won't.

When I play the guitar I like to try and play a lot of his songs....very introspective. I like Neil. His music strikes a chord with the working man who likes to have a good time and he has crossed so many genres of music in his career.

I thought it was odd that when I went out of my hotel room into the lobbied Starbucks to get my joe, Down By the River was playing....really freaked me out. Full moon tonite too. Man, maybe I will spring for a tix....

Who knows....

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