Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a copy of a letter from a friend

The real "Big Man" is a coming and He won't be dressed in red and white. He'll be burnished bronze and riding a white Horse. He is indeed Faithful and True to us my brother, isn't He. :) How you are a blessing to me. The CD being the latest example of your encouragement. I am glad that the Lord has blessed you through me Tate. Truly, it is I that has been the most blessed I think. Because you have served and given more. Your passion for life and living in the moment has taught me to really evaluate my perfectionism and need to "be right." Wow. Talkin' about being hit by a 2x4. :)Anyway, continue lovin' and livin' my brother. Consider this email the closest thing to a kiss planted on your cheek my friend. To Tate Perazzelli...a true Italian stallion in the faith. A blessing to many. One who indeed had a "lust for life" and more importantly a "lust" (love) for the Life-Giver and the Life that is truly Life. Press on my brother. Press on. Chet

MY WORDS---let's ALL just keep on keeping on and encouraging one another!! Love, Tate

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