Saturday, December 27, 2008

ol' man winter

I miss summer. Don't get me wrong...I love winter, but I miss summer because I love to watch things grow. I need to see the change of seasons and I LOVE snow & even ICE, but I miss my garden---really miss it.
I don't really have anything amazing in my garden. Some people comment that it looks cool. I really think that my rock garden in the front of the house takes away from the "curb appeal"...oh well....I like it. I love to weed and plant and watch things go and honestly....I hardly ever water-EVER. If you can't make it in my garden, you die. I don't give my plants and special treatment. I figure we don't get any so I am not going to give them any.
Of course there are always exceptions; if I plant you in the middle of the hot summer I am going to get you some water.

Today I did some minor garden work.....ahhhhh...the joy.

I miss my Shangri La.

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