Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sundays // Pancakes// Jack Johnson

Mar and I hit the road Friday afternoon to get away before she goes away. Not sure I just get that thinking just yet, but hey....I'm going with the flow. 

We took the long way here and as we are getting ready to head out we are going to do the same and take the l-o-n-g way home. 

Yesterday we hiked the Delaware Water Gap, not a long or tough hike by any means, but I must say. I am getting old. This stuff does not come as easy as it once did. 

It is so quiet here, up in the Poconos with nothing really doing and no where to go and nothing to really worry about. Some fine living. Just fine.....For the last few weeks this one thought keeps running through my brain.......the simple life

How I long for that. 

Our lives are anything, but simple as all this stuff of working and earning to live take place. I lose sight of the real hard-core reasons that make me peaceful and serene.
This is what I want and long for....serenity. 

I don't think it takes a weekend jaunt to the Poconos or a secluded Blue Lagoon beach to gain peacefulness. No, I think that state of mind is self-inflicted. And by "self" I do mean our attitudes and desires. Our acceptances of what's real and false and by what we choose to believe and not believe.

My wife and I love watching the television show Parenthood and the crazy (but, maybe not so crazy) thing is so do our children. Sean, Aryn and Taylor. Mind you Taylor did not take to this easily and had to be coerced and coaxed into watching, but now that he has, he enjoys it. I think what he enjoys most is watching it together. A family watching family. 

It is while watching Parenthood,  that that simple life takes place. 

It is while hiking the AT among the moss, that the simple life happens.

It is while typing this blog, the sun streaking through the windows, that the simple life takes place. 

It is while driving on a Friday night on unknown roads that follow the curve of the river, in the dark, in the pouring rain with drifting radio stations, yes even here, is where the simple life happens. 

It is while having pancakes on a Sunday morning with Jack Johnson playing, this is the simple life. 

The simple life is how we look at the days, and the hours, and the minutes, and the seconds that is what determines our simplicity. 

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