Friday, March 02, 2012

The Wild Rumpus

When Max gets sent to his room....his room begins to grown and grow, it grows so much it becomes a forest!  Of my fondest books comes a transformation of a room to a garden of paradise and fantasy. Max's room becomes where the wild things are. O' how I would dream and dream of the same happening to me!

Now that life has found its own pace and of three children born to us, one (fondly) remains and our pets have moved on and the 55 gallon fish tank is now for sale (interested, let me know!)...and Aryn my most favorite daughter in the whole wide world is married with her own family beginning has left this sunny and gorgeous room available to me. 

This space has been dubbed the MCORDA, the Man Cave Office Room Dressing Area....hence MCORDA. 
A guitar and amp, a desk and printer, what books and knick knacks I hold onto ( I try to not hold on to anything impractical anymore), a smattering of art and of course this computer facing the windows which gets the most incredibly bright afternoon sun. 

But, what I love about the space is the growth. Slow and steady it sure is gathering a forest. Plants and plants and plants, of all varieties. It is a pure joy to do this. Plants grow and change and they are life,  This room is my wild place. A place of life and growth and light. 

It is in this light I bask.....letting it fill my very being and add growth to my soul. 

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