Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taylor J


Awesome! Drawsome! 

Taylor is a mere 20 years old and is still as much of a wonder and joy as when he was one. He is sleeping across from me now as the train stops in Baltimore en-route to DC for some work time. I love watching him find himself and discover who he is. 

All of our children have incredible qualities of humanity and it is these qualities that impress upon me the most. 

Sean with his insight and patience never ceases to amaze me. How I wish I had his patience. Sean is always able to take the view of walking in another's shoes and seeing it from the eyes of others. He has incredible compassion and belief in others. 

Ary with her sass and frass is a hoot. This kid is incredibly disciplined. She has drive, passion and vision. And talk about caring and slowing down for others...she has it all. What impresses me the most is her taking that love of others and turning it into a nursing career. 

And of course the baby, Taylor; a man of  character. A man who sees others with honest love. A man who looks at others and even among their faults and errors does not judge. Taylor, he and all my children are growing into people of whom one can say....their name is good. 

Thank you. 

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Boy you are naive.