Monday, October 17, 2005

question of the hour

quick name all of your pets that you have owned that have ever had names....


Kristen said...

Patches the Cat (ran away)
OrangeGladdus the Fish (deceased)
Sammy the Cat (gave away)
Sammy the Fish (deceased)
Andy the Dog (deceased)
Muffin the Dog (gave away because he kept trying to bite the handicapped boy down the street)
Yosakiyojimbo the Samuari Rabbit (don't know....hmmm)
Rafael the Turtle ( mom accidently froze him..twice)
Pepper the Newt (deceased)
Bentley the Cat (gave away, bladder infection, ruined every carpet)
Plugger the Fish (deceased)
Ear the Fish (deceased)
Bear the Dog (current pet)
Chicken the Cat (gave away, allergies)
Sluggo the Fish (deceased)
Orange Gladdus 2 the fish (deceased)
Warfa Gladdus the Fish (current pet)

As you can see, I have horrible luck with fish.

tater said...

TT the Irish Setter
Skippy the German Shephard named after my favorite peanut butter.
Pebbles the Calico cat who beget Cinnamin the cat...Pebbles lost her eye when Skippy chased her behind the washing machine so she was a one-eyed cat. Pebbles also begat Streaker who was hit by a car. Misty the Siberian Husky who also had several litters. Coca the white persian cat.
In my marriage with my kids it goes something like this:
Sphinx the cat who died naturally and really effected the family when she passed. My wife and I found her in a WAWA (do a google search) parking lot prior to our marriage and she was with us either 14 or 18 years. She is buried in my backyard. Roxanne (calico cat) who ran away, Delilah who I gave away and Chloe who I gave away. Skittles the albino corn snake who died of mites. We also purchased 4 African jumping mice who basically jumped out of their cages and ran away within 2 days of owning them. I also, in my early teens bred mice and sold them to local pet stores....I think at one time I had about 250 mice in various cages...they started out as pets and well...they went rampant.
We currently have tropical fish who are doing quite well. My daughter names them and I think I know all of their names:
Norman- Parrot Cichlid
Bertha- Parrot Cichlid
Jack & Jill--
Bill & Ted
Sharky---who died and then was re-purchased and died again.
There are a bunch more fish but I can't remember all of their names as well as the tropical fish I have had thru-out my whole life. Currently, in addition to the fish we have a black cat named Samson who does not care for me which really ticks me off. I get along with cat's that people tell me don't get along with people and I LOVE cats but my own cat, who my daughter and wife adore and the cat loves them back, hates me. It drives me crazy.
I have also baby-sat numerous animals, assorted snakes and some baby snapping turtles. I am sure there are more. If I was't at work I would post a pic of Samson looking at our fish...Samson will not stay in the same room with me unless I am in bed and he is curled with my wife.

flick said...

All the pets I ever had:
Tugger, the dog.

flick said...

Oh, I forgot...I also had an oscar. His name was...Oscar.