Thursday, October 20, 2005

mmmmmm......good coffee!

Did anyone hug anyone yesterday~~~

If not, you certainly missed the was a wonderful experience.

With today brings Wilma and before Wilma was an earthquake and before that were other hurricanes and a tsunami and bombings and ________.

Yesterday was not an enjoyable day (work wise) till about 4:30 after that it was all good.
I enjoyed worship and bible class and although our spiritual leadership meeting was very heavy, it was good. I miss my son. He is only away at college yet I miss him.

Here is today's challenge!

As you interact with work and family stop and listen. Listen to what others say.
shhhhh....listen. Hear what they say.

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adam said...

After helping taylor with his project, he gave me one of the most genuine hugs I have received in a really long time.

I enjoyed hanging out with him yesterday. He is an awesome young man.

So yes, I did hug someone. It was great.