Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hi, ho Silver!!

Wow....too many things to do.
This going away stuff can be stressful. So I briefly heard, on the news that 13 people were killed in flooding in New Hampshire. The natural disasters seem to be at an all time high.
Things to do (non-work related)
1. drop off car for quick check
2. stop at pharmacy and pick up drugs (we are getting old, people)
3. vacuum my dad's truck and drop it off w/gas.
4. pack
5. possibly stop at library
6. hope that my gift card from my warranty for the ipod comes in so I can have cool music to listen to while driving and in our house rental.
7. do minor food shopping
8. call dryer repair guy to fix the dryer
9.feed Silver
10. give Tonto instructions on what he should do while we are away.
11. Call Taylor (Tail's are u reading this??) and get him to unload the dishwasher and make iced tea.
12. prepare my blog entry to be posted while I am away. (unlike other bloggers)
13. last but not least....go thru this list and try to remember what else I wanted to get on it...
enjoy the day....it is after all October 11, 2005
make where ever you are, your own little paradise


adam said...

"other bloggers" take offense.

enjoy your trip.

Kristen said...

where are you going??