Friday, October 21, 2005

Life Lesson # 848

Good Day!
Amazing thoughts today....I have lived by many mantras and here is one you can all learn by; my house is your house or as I like to put it, mi casa su casa.
My children have teased me about that for a long time but I think they are learning from it. Our house has had a long-standing open door policy and the payback from this is unreal. It can certainly be painful sometimes and our house is at times not-fit for visitors but no one ever minds it and in fact people really enjoy coming here. I don't post this for kudos I post this so that you (insert name here) may learn to open your doors at all times and do not shutter yourself in your house. If you do not have an open door, and I mean wide-open door policy then you are missing a portion of fellowship that is priceless. Last nite was priceless...mainly cause I had a coupla friends over the house and it was never like they were over....they were a part of the family.
I guess I am trying to say love one another and be receptive and understanding and don't let an unswept floor or dirty dishes on the sink detract from having guests.
It's raining today and the rain is beautiful.
Matt I have been meaning to read that Dylan post and will soon.
I will be listening to Gorillaz on the way to work today.
Pray for people today especially those you do not get along with or those who do not get along with you.
Adam....great scripture reading last nite you certainly have inspired me to think of myself as more then a grasshopper. Gotta shower and git to work!

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