Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey there Georgy Girl!

I have been out of coffee for three days and having to purchase large cups of hot coffee from stores in order to suffice my I will be stopping @ my favorite bean supplier... can't wait!

My ipod lasted me 13 months of very heavy my extended warranty refund (full value) s/b appearing...I have missed my ipod and am not sure what "new" version I will get. I had a 15 gig 3rd generation.

I need to finalize my fall foliage plans instead of blogging.

I have been praying a lot more then normal lately and I like it. I feel so much closer to God.

Yesterday was my oldest son's 21st b-day. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
I miss my nieces that live in Arkansas.

The power of fellowship is amazing.
Positive encouragement breeds confidence. Confidence breeds self-assuredness and self-assuredness begats courage and with courage comes risk and with risk comes adventure and with adventure comes happiness and with happiness comes bliss.

I have been really enjoying playing the guitar.....I think I am obsessed.
BTW the chords to Georgy Girl by the Seekers is currently too hard for me.

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