Sunday, October 23, 2005

Late Sun (not really)


So it's Sun evening and daylight savings kicks in next week which means it will get darker faster. I don't like when it gets darker earlier but what can you do Pres. Nixon is the one who started this in order to save on energy you think we would have changed from fossil fuels to solar and electric by's only been about 30 years since he instilled the changes when they knew then that petroleum was going to give us supply problems!

I have a concert hall across the street from my house and Buddy Guy is performing...I should have probably gotten tix's he is a classic blues player.
Went to Stand Your Ground youth rally yesterday and all I can say is that when you surround yourself with like minded truth seekers it certainly lifts your spirit.

I have some meetings to prepare for tonight and here I am blogging. Enjoy the week campers....we have "Wilma" and "Alpha" to contend with this week....go out and change someone's life for the better...


flick said...

I always liked the Looney Tunes, and Speedy was great. Animaniacs was probably my favorite cartoon show, but the best character....Big Fat Baby from Hysteria!
How many even know this show???

adam said...

I don't know it.

I would probably go with Meatwad, from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.