Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have too many passwords and usernames. I use one for my home phone, cell phone, work voice mail, work email, two personal emails, eBay account, debit card, PayPal account,
blog site(s), alarm code @ work, cash register passwords, log-on password for work PC, work unix access...I live for the day of retina scans. I am sure I am missing at least another dozen. If I ever get alzheimers...I am done. The goverment needs to step in and make passwords a uniform length. This one having to have a number and letter etc...has to stop....I need uniformity...wait! Did I just say that??? Me??? Strike that!

Albeit tentative it looks like I am going to be closing this blog down or in the least doing fewer postings. Reasonings...due to a lack of time on this planet....my life is just a mist as God has told me and I need to make better use of my time. So for the faithful...check out the sneak preview of a new blog space...This space does not go public till next week so keep it quite shhhhhh!


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