Wednesday, April 26, 2006

soak it in

I love music. It is a universal language and every culture seems to have its own sounds. It is talked about more then the weather. It brings people together and forces them apart. It is an ambience a mood setter and changer. There is nothing that compares to music.

It makes me happy, sad, convulted, confused, hurt, joyous, emphatic and courageous.

It changes things.

The reason it does this is because it is an escape. It is a fantasy check, it is an escape from reality.

Most every personality in the world has music that motivates or demotivates them. It is infinite in its varities.
Let it take you to where you want to go. Let it envelope your mind and body and bring you to where you need to go.

Enjoy it. Feel it. Play it LOUD. Close your eyes and dream with it, crash with it. Breathe it in, smell it, taste it.

Take the energy that music gives you and funnel it out to others....that is what the musician is doing...funneling you his/her emotions. Soak it in. Melt with it. Let the world float away and with your floating be renewed.

Now, for you Christians- do the same with God and His word. Feel Him. Taste Him. Smell Him. Believe Him. Let Him exude from you. Let Him be known by you. I love music, but the song always ends. The mood always changes. With God this does not happen. His love does not end.
Lets feel God the way we feel music and I promise you the song will be sweeter.

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