Sunday, April 30, 2006

hard work

hard work. tomorrow morning two new retail stores will open that will be under my tutelage. opening them does not happen w/o planning and hard work. from hiring the staffs, planning inventory, logistics and coordination that are mind numbing to say the least. success to me has been defined as being happy at what you do and, i am happy. the problem is that i think i could be happy mowing lawns for a living as well as overseeing the operation of 6 different retail stores. so, i almost hope no one reads this post, simply so i can wallow in my own glory and dispair simultaneously.
i have learned a lot these past few days:
1. loyalty comes with a price.
2. you can make anything happen that you want to.
3. my value is what i perceive my value to be.
4. people get in their own way.
5. there is no substitute for hard work.
6. hard work feels good.
7. at the end of the day....i am happy with myself.
8. life is good.
9. if i stumble, Jesus will pick me up.
10. people are my company's most valuable commodity.

enjoy your's may 1st 2006 and this is the only one you will ever have.


Matt Jag said...

Dude.. 2 new stories that is phenomenial.. Keep up the good work..

adam said...

it's also phenomenal.

I am proud of you. You have worked hard on this and now you see the tangible results.

I need to call you sometime soon. I keep missing you--both ways. :)