Wednesday, April 05, 2006

computer virus part II

sorry about the delay o faithful reader....several hours of computer spyware hacking and a trip to the local 'puter whiz yielded a faster pc, lighter wallet and of course I STILL HAVE POP-UPS!
oh great i long for thee.
to see your beautiful image embossed upon my cpu case, one day we shall be together

for you faithful ncaa fans....the womans championship game was everything the mens wasn't
both male and female final fours were busts

work is heavy heavy duty that for the 1st time in years I will not be able to attned the annual church retreat.

given that I have an awesome vaca planned for yellowstone and the day before I come back from yellowstone snow patrol is playing electric factory.
I bought my daughter and her friend tixs....'cause I was excited!

and here is the question of the day

Final Jeopardy
State Capitals
(hum the tune)
in alphabetical order, name two state capitals named after US Presidents

only one of the contestants got the right answer, he was the returning champ, he won the game so he can return tomorrow and my only guess was Lincoln, as in Neb and I was wrong.

next blog entry is on waterless urinals and Philly.....yup...its a HOT issue.


adam said...

glad to see your cpu back up, but sorry to hear about the pop ups. I had to switch cable internet providers and this one does not do a good job of blocking any popups. Ugh for me too.

flick said...

Jackson, Lincoln. (And I did not look it up)

tater said...

Jackson-Jefferson City