Tuesday, April 11, 2006

three things

1. Yolanda the homeless woman said to me today that if she doesn't see me she hopes I have a good Easter and she said that to me today....I wonder if she is traveling for the holiday?
2. Harley Smallwood told me that Harriet Tubmann probably had many people refuse to attempt escapes from slavery and that she probably had to twist many an arm to convince people to escape....I never thought about it that way before or if I did it was when I was in school.
3. I now have Vonage, thanks to "Rom" in Madras India. He was quite the helpful tech and he invited me to his home and of course we invited him to ours.

1 comment:

adam said...

I now also have vonage! We are so ahead of the curve on this (well, a million people are more ahead, but we are doing our part.).

Down with the phone companies! Viva la revolicion!!!