Monday, April 24, 2006

Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday April 26th is that special day for all of the Administrative Professionals in your life!


I have been wondering when it is Weather Person Appreciation Day and Letter Carrier Day and what about a National Peanut Farmer Day??

We need to treat everyday like it is that special day. I hereby proclaim that from this day forward everyday will be Appreciate the Day, day. Everyday when you wake up remember that it is Appreciate the Day, day. Don't forget. We even have our Official Song--Lovely Day by the incomparable Bill Withers.

So go celebrate, celebrate everyday for what it is and for what it can be. And don't forget....everyday is now Administrative Professionals Day---Oh Joy!

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tater said...

and yes, while I visited someone in their office today they told me that they hsd just taken someone to lunch for Administrative Professionals kidding and then I said;
"Is Noelle an Administrative Profeesional and if so what is that?" "well, no, she said she isn't" but yet they went to lunch.