Saturday, April 15, 2006

my house is your house

i have lived by these words for years, but maybe not fully. some friends of mine recently took a couple of folks in. like to live with them. if a man knocks at your door for a loaf of bread....don't tell him to come back later....he's knocking 'cause he NEEDS a loaf of bread....why else would he ask. Get him a loaf of bread and if you blessed to have some milk---offer him that while you are at it.


adam said...

can someone tell me why the poor are the most generous?

even Jesus noted this when he pointed out the offering of the widow who gave two mites.

Anonymous said...

The more you have the less you can give because you won't have "more" anymore. the less you have, The more you can give, for what you already have is nothing. What you have (if poor)is temporary and you know that.Therefore to give of your temporary possessions is nothing for you realize, they are temporary and will be replaced(the poor have great faith for that is all they truly can bank on), the poor also realize that there are others who may have a greater need and they truly understand what need is...but you already knew this.