Saturday, April 22, 2006

time for bed

If you type: "basis of life" in google images, basically you get "water". I guess that is true, we need water to survive. Imigration is a huge issue right now, specifically illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are people. People like you & me.
When, will we realize that people are what matters. God teaches us that in His word...the bible. If I were poor,
born in Central America, I would want to come to the land of hope and dreams. Why does a Mexican ride his bike to work to wash dishes and try to squeak out a living and why do the Americans I interview for $6 to $10 an hour jobs "expect" me to give them something?

People are people, not garbage or trash. Treat each other the way you want to be treated. Are you worried they will take something of yours away? If I didn't hire people that were potentialy better then me then I would not be successful. Does this make sense? Let people into the USA....lets all grow

you have the ability to change others

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flick said...

Not to mention--it costs a latin-american fortune for them to get here. Immigration is a hot topic right now.