Monday, April 10, 2006

the end of the day

and so ends another day of work---productive YES!
tired----oh yeah----
staffing is ALWAYS the biggest challenge a retailer has and I have been blessed, but not without duress.

so I sit here, at my desk.....ipod blaring some good R & B and everyone gone for the day....I love the quiet.

already thinking about tomorrow and the day after that---something the bible cautions me on doing.
life is about as busy as it gets right now.
my lawn needs attention not to mention Shangi-La
my to do list is a mile and half long
I have not finished my taxes and numerous other personal items (bills).
then i realize......this is not where I am meant to be. I am meant to be winning souls.....yes setting the example of our Lord and Saviour while at work even after I literally threw a vendor out of my office today.
We all need to stop judging.
It was great leaving my cell phone @ home today.....I wonder how many messages it has on it....

I can't wait till tomorrow, better yet, tonite.
Love the day whatever it brings.....remember who you are and what you believe.

Stay Strong
I thank God everytime I think of each of you.



1 comment:

adam said...

I found out that my neighbors all mow on Sunday.

I didn't.

My lawn looks bad.