Monday, October 27, 2008

The trip in

Ok, so they had TV on the plane and I could get updates of the Eagles game even though it was the KC game on. I didn't pay the 6 bucks and eventually a screen saver of clouds came on. I would have paid the 6 bucks to watch the Eagles, especially since I was flying....just like an eagle.

We met Mar's bosses son, Stephen in Portland where he lives for some grub....met a Phillies fan from Boyertown PA (next to camp) and watched some of the Phillies game and then encountered the largerst urinals I have seen to date....frankly if this was my restaurant I would advertise--- LARGEST URINALS IN PORTLAND!

and if your ever in Portland---Deschutes is the name of the restaurant brewery.

Anyway it is 11 and we need to hit the road....agate hunting @ Fogarty's Beach and Newport Beach.

The owner's of A Whale's Rendezvous, where we stayed said the whales will come right up to the back deck no more then 50' from where you stand....but alas...we are packing and thus far--no whales.

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