Sunday, October 05, 2008

NJ Gas & the eagles

There are only two states in the Union where it is illegal to pump your own gas....NJ being one of them. Early in the week we were seeing gas prices @ 3.05 and 3.09 per gallon. I thought...maybe, just maybe gas will dip below 3.00 and 'lo and behold it did.
Of course right after we filled up at our local station as pictured we passed another Jersey station that had it @ 3.97!!! New Jersey---you can't pump and the prices are hard to beat.

As to the eagles....ugh! I thought the Chi-town game was embarrassing enough. I could not figure for the life of me how we lost that one after playing so hard against the cowgirls and then taking it to the former steel curtain and then........

On Sun afternoon of all things to do while we played the 'Skins...I was driving to DC. When we left Jersey for DC we had seen the score go from 14-0 to 14-3. Wow, I thought---here's the team I banked on this year....crushing the fake skins as expected. The next thing I know, just north of Baltimore we tuned into the game---14-23---WHAT!?
Are u kiddin' me???????

Hey Andy Reid----what's the deal here??????

So we've got the 2-2 49ers next and then a bye followed by Atlanta---there has to be a win in there

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