Saturday, October 11, 2008


the moon is 7/8th's full least that's what my beautiful wife said, I was never good at fractions. I think it is FULL on Tues...but right now it is lighting uo the cobalt sky like never before. so brite and such lite.

take note...look at the sky---appreciate it. where I am it is as clear as could be, not a cloud in site.

fall is coming...some trees were pure yellow today and others are begining to turn red and golden...the air is cool and crisp.

the harvest is just about complete. tomorrow the last fresh pesto will be made and I will search for the last ripe raspberry, but I think they are all gone. maybe I will find one....the sweetness to be cherished until next summer?
may my days here be strong and lived for truth and good. may yours too.

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kristen said...

Tate: Found the name of that restaurant that we liked so much in Monterey. It was surprisingly great, and mostly because of the service and the wine. We had some kind of crab cake and a steak, if I remember correctly, and the apps were great too. We sat at the bar and got to look at all the people. Highly recommended. It's called the Whaling Station, and here's a site: The wine we loved was a red something or other from a local winery called Hahn. It's their house wine.
And here's more on that motel in Monterey: It's very, very basic, but if you get a room with a working gas fireplace, you'll be glad you did. The BR was newly renovated, there was a mini-fridge and micro, and a king-sized bed that was not gross. And it was $39 a night! The owners are not the world's most personable, so don't expect a late check-out or special treatment, but they were fair. The quirks didn't bother us because it was so close to the scenic drive thru the golf courses, and it was way easy to find, and easy to get to the downtown area. Have such a great time!