Thursday, October 30, 2008


THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! We watched the game in the Northern Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, Ca last nite....YES!!!!!!!!
This is Eel River and our road followed this road for dozens of miles. This short walk was taken off the Avenue of the Giants- R E D W O O D S . When you are driving down the road the trees engulf you in darkness. It is an amazing place. I cannot put into words the site of these trees. So we stopped and hiked out to this dry river bed where off in the distance was a tent with four fellow Jeresyians camping along what was left of the river. The river bed was massive as are the trees.
....and lo' and behold! I caught this little guy in the river. He was no bigger then a pencil eraser.

The obligatory drive-thru tree. 4 bucks gets you through. It was a tight fit for the car....very, very tight!

In the 50's Fort Bragg, Ca a working mans town was dumping all of their trash at the end of Elm St. into the ocean. All of the glass trash has now been turned into sea glass and there were dozens of people out collecting.

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