Friday, October 24, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies

...and all of a sudden I am a baseball fan.

I am a life-long home team kinda guy. I have raised my family up properly in that fashion. My kids are home-teamers too.

I am not a big fan of baseball except for the playoffs. The games seem to mean more ( they do) and are played with much more passion in October.

The Phillies are going to win this one. I know they lost last nite, but they are enjoying themselves and when you enjoy what you do you do it well.

I read somewhere that Philadelphia has not "won" anything in 96 seasons and no, I do not count the Soul. I also read that Indiana University did a study and found that when the home team wins everyone in that town's confidence is increased making for stronger healthier people.

I have to admit confidence amazes me.

Go Phillies!

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