Friday, October 31, 2008

Nor Cal Coast

NOR CAL is a state of mind----trust me on this one. MENDOCINO, ever heard of it? WOW is this town amazing. Hippies unite. I don't know who works. Pot smoking was rampant and this was during the day. Moody's Organic coffee shop supplied me with the best coffee I've had....almost ever. Seriously. Flower Power---Peace & love & power to the people!
From the 60's in Mendocino we traveled to Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. No it is not Napa or Sonoma County. Wine is a big deal out here and it's like a cult of people.....people following, Following what I do not know, but following nonetheless.

Ok...these roads are THE most challenging roads I have ever driven and these photos don't even come close to telling the story. One blink or shift of the wheel and you tumble way down. See the edge of the road? See Tate looking down the edge of the road?

Guess what?
Tate is still here!It was late when we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (6 bucks) into San Fran. We had just booked a bargain rate for a room on priceline which got blown way out of proportion when we paid the 45 dollar fee for 24 hour parking.
But, I had not yet had dinner when my incredible wife made me the following-
sliced apple, sliced avocado, peanut butter crackers, cheese w/crackers.
Tomorrow we do the city thing---ride trolley cars, visit our store on the pier, visit Chinatown and do some shopping for Christmas.
See you later!
oh......btw---here is a golden nugget-Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with the food that is my portion,

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