Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Depoe Bay to Charleton/Coos Bay

The Devil's Churn along the Oregon coast...we did not have time to hike down and walk along it. It was high tide and the water was just churning in. It was so cool. Stunning. Spectacular. Awe-inspiring.
...and then we stopped and looked out, high above the ocean and we heard sea lions from down below. There was so many of them. We saw them swimming, basking on rocks and here on the beach. They also came in many different colors just like people. We saw; black, grey, tan & brown and of course dark grey.

So.....we are seriously behind. It is currently Tues AM---7 AM to be exact and #1, it is still dark and 2 we should be half-way down the Northern Cali coast by now. The Phillies are preventing us from doing a lot of driving since we are not driving when they are on, but part of it is that there is so much to see and do.
Last nite we pulled into Charleston, OR. A bayside fishermen's kinda town. We checked in at Capt'n Johnny's Motel for 56 dollars and walked across the parking lot to eat at the highly recomended Portside, which had wonderful views out the wind of mud---low tide. At Portside we had some serious fish--Mar had poached Salmon and I had Cajun Halibut. The fish was among the best we ever had....super fresh and simply well prepared. The Halibut was amazing...it was my 1st Halibut as well as....ready--- BAKED OYSTERS. Mmmmm dipped in butter and they were huge! The bartender (we ate at the bar to watch the rain in Philly) told us the fish was from the boats on the docks...it was her b-day and we got to know everyone at the bar. Later in the evening Alex...sitting next to me told me how the Halibut and Salmon were really from Alaska....he thinks their fish is better then Portland's. Oh well....the Oysters were from the farm 'round the corner.
We are having a great time....it is already screaming by! The sign above was in the hotel bathroom....apparently you are not allowed to clean fish in your room.....go figure.
Onto the Seabasket for a nice fried egg and then to Walmart for some supplies and Cali here we come!

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