Monday, October 27, 2008

ahhhh the things that happen in a day!
Right now I am sitting next to that little fireplace in the pic typing away with the ocean about 100' away crashing into the cliff and rocks below is really amazing as was the sunset as we drove to the ocean....
the waves are crashing below me and they sound like a freight train!
I am very tired what with watching the Phillies win Sat nite till 2 AM and then getting up and catching a flight clear across the USA.
The scenery here is stunning and the state of Oregon is so pristine!
So, yes we stopped in Denver albeit briefly to switch planes and about an hour or so into the 1st flight I asked Mar for a can of Peanuts and this is from the top of the can...razor sharp and on a plane, but do not bring toenail clippers!!!!
Sorry for the lack of good stunning pics tonite will make up for it tomorrow.
Go EAGLES----thank God you beat Atlanta!!!
and Philly great ready......the championship is coming home!!!!!!!!!

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