Thursday, September 22, 2005

The 1st day of Autumn has arrived!

Today is the autumnal equinox, the first day of fall. What that means is that at 3:22 p.m., night and day will be precisely equal, each exactly 12 hours long. Flagpoles, people, and buildings on the equator will not cast a shadow.

This post is dedicated to my sister Paige who misses Philly cheesesteaks and other fine foods from the Southern New Jersey gourmet pantry. She deserves congratulations on her tennis victory!! My newest employee had turned the breaker on that controlled my baseboard heater yesterday...maintenance fixed it. To you folks South of the Border....move already!! How do you deal with that heat and not be on a Carribbean Island is beyond me.
On a somber note....from K-R, Rita is here. Pray, pray, pray and when your done praying....pray some more. He always listens.


adam said...

In my humble opinion, fall arrives when college football kicks off, no matter what the equinox has to say about it.

Rell said...

lol i agree with Adam.

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. The weather is soooooo comfortable, the foliage is beautiful and of course there are sports galore! (Baseball, NFl, College Football, Pre-season Basketball, Hockey)