Friday, September 23, 2005

Lovely Rita

So it wasn't to long ago that if a hurricane was coming people did not evacuate. They rode the storm out and that was fairly typical of most hurricanes. Now we have a mass exodus in TX & LA. Why??? Cause Katrina was tangible and we all saw the damage/destruction that it caused....therefore the mass exodus. How come @ a funeral no matter how that person led their life....people feel the need to acknowledge that that person,who lies their dead, is going to heaven. It is not my decision whether they go to heaven or not, that is God's. He will judge us all.

When He does.... will you be ready or will everyone say "your in a better place now" because that's the PC thing to do?
We don't see the signs like they did in the old testament and per the hurricane example we can see that when things are tangible we understand them.
Given all of this...I promise you, as one man to another, if you read the Bible, if you pray and you surround yourself with others that do the same- seeking God....He, the great I AM, will become tangible. Imagine that....knowing God, one on one.

( for further insight on this subject matter and to see why I titled it Lovely Rita see my Katrina & The Waves post back a few weeks)

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