Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Life in NJ Chapter 53

Today my Black Finned tropical fish died....his name was Sharky and he looked nothing like the shark in the pic but he sometimes would think like the shark in the pic.
I am not sure how my wife disposed of him....I hope she flushed him...I used to think that fish would somehow come back to life when you flushed them because when they would swirl down the toliet thay would look like they were swimming.

Work has been slightly more intense then of my managers has pink eye and I am working her store this week. We did have an employee go is a pretty long story but to make it short..."everybody's a great person till you work with them". But as for this kid, I am not sure he is a nice person even when I am not working with him.

The IRS did not refund my large tax refund cause they were going to audit me and said I would hear from them in Sept....well Sept is almost up and I will have to look their # up again and ask them if they are going to give me interest on my money....I don't make enough to be audited!!
I started one thing on my Oct "To Do List" so I am ahead of the game.
I have also added 3-4 things .
Enjoy the is beautiful hear in fall weather all week....we almost turned the fan off the other nite 'cause it was so cool!

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