Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The photo of the Praying Mantis is from my veggie garden last year and the giant tomato(e) worm is from Camp Manatawny a year or two ago. The tomato(e) worm is as big as your was huge!

Campers....thanks for hangin' out with me over the past few days...I have been in a spirtitual lull. I am finally coming out of it. Sometimes I take life to fast and to hardcore and I need my downtime.
I enjoy my blog time wit y'all and it helps make my day!
Let me be the first to pubicly start the celebration for the tot's 1st b-day. Happy B-day tot ( i know i am a day early)
Adam....I miss you already...I haven't seen you since ok?
Flick...dude! Take the Aldi's need a change (end of conversation).
To the most beautiful woman in the world...I love you.
And to my are the sunshine of my life
and to all the people everywhere....I love you Jesus loved me.


flick said...

Tate-read my blog. And keep in mind, you actually said something that played into my decision.

flick said...

Oh yeah..and Happy Birthday to Tot!!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the shout out to the tot everyone! Super excited and I'll put up pics on my site about her party this weekend.

I love the bugs, Tater. And once again, I am super jealous of your garden. However, my plants and fish are still alive and kickin, so there is hope for The Unsinkable yet!

adam said...

happy birthday tot.